Now experiencing a great continent and its culture is only a short road trip away. Explore the continent of Africa and its culture in Gainesville, Florida.

Your journey to the fascinating land of Africa begins with the “Inside Africa” interactive exhibit at the Florida Museum of Natural History.
This exhibit will transport you to selected sites in Africa through many hands-on activities, three-dimensional settings, multimedia presentations and an exceptional collection of African artifacts.

After becoming captivated by the "Inside Africa" exhibit, you will still have more to see and do! Continue your African exploration at other Gainesville cultural venues including the Harn Museum of Art, Thomas Center Gallery, Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, Acrosstown Repertory Theater, University Auditorium and Santa Fe Community College Zoo. These destinations will also captivate you with African art, performing arts, music, photography, videos and animals. Experience an exciting journey in Gainesville, Florida.

For a free brochure or more information please email Cultural Affairs or call 352.393.8540.