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June 26–September 19, 2015
Opening: Friday, June 26, 7:00 –10:00 pm
BEAUTY & THE BEASTS invites the viewer to explore a menagerie of images inspired by curiosity and connection with the creatures of land,
sea and air. From beastly creatures to man’s best friend, the images of over 30 artists who find their Muse in the animal kingdom are showcased. This expansive exhibition of drawings, paintings, and sculpture is curated by Anne E. Gilroy. Opening reception sponsored by Leonardo's 706.

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The Awakening, Brianna Angelakis
The Awakening
Brianna Angelakis

October 1, 2015–January 6, 2016
Opening: Thursday, October 1, 5:30-7 pm

AQUIFERious is curated by Margaret Ross Tolbert, and is based on her award-winning book of the same title. A multi-media art experience in the truest sense, the exhibition will juxtapose Tolbert’s dramatic, large-scale springs paintings and eloquent poetry with contributing artists’ and scientists’ photographs, videos, cartography and writings. Featured will be the underwater photography by Jill Heinerth, Mark Long and Tom Morris, and cave maps by Eric Hutcheson.

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Springs for Hiram, (detail of right panel) by Margaret Ross Tolbert
Springs for Hiram, (detail of right panel)
Margaret Ross Tolbert