Alachua County

Developed by the
Gainesville/Alachua County Cultural Affairs Board
under the auspices of
the City of Gainesville Division of Cultural Affairs,
the Local Arts Agency for Alachua County.



Successful implementation of this Cultural Plan will create a unique environment in which arts and cultural resources attract regional and national attention and enhance the cultural and economic life of the community. We envision:

  •  A community where the definition of culture encompasses ecological,historic, ethnic, media, folk arts and the  fine arts (such as, music, drama, visual arts, and dance).
  •  A community where local and regional culture, social, sports, civic, educational and fraternal organizations  complement one another, sharing resources, information and coordinating activities.
  •  A community where local and regional governments and the business community become more involved in  the funding of Culture.
  •  A community where Culture is an integral and appreciated part of everyday life.
  •  A community that takes pride in its cultural resources.
  •  A community that recognizes museums, parks, and historical facilities as cultural entities.
  •  A community where cultural education and audience development are an on-going commitment involving all  parts of the community.
  •  A community where all citizens have access to cultural resources without the barriers of income, age,  remoteness, heritage, environment, or ability.

Goals and Objectives

Goal 1 (Arts/Humanities/Cultural Education - K-12) -- Students who are aware of local cultural resources.

Objective 1: To provide educational experiences both within and outside the schools which make students aware of the many, varied local cultural resources.
Objective 2: To support the Sunshine State Standards* in community programs. The standards are state guidelines issued by the Florida Department of Education in 1996 identifying what Florida public school students should know and be able to do from pre-Kindergarten to grade 12.

Goal 2 (Regional Audience Development) -- A regional audience which is familiar with a range of cultural expressions to include eco-heritage, ethnic, media, folk arts, and fine arts, and are receptive to new experiences.

Objective 1: To effectively communicate information about cultural offerings, increasing emphasis on outreach to all areas within the county.
Objective 2: To maximize access to the arts and cultural resources by reducing barriers in the form of price, logistics, transportation, handicapped access, and age.
Objective 3: To establish a public forum for recognizing and honoring the contributions and accomplishments of regional artists.
Objective 4: To promote cultural awareness as a part of the mission for cultural organizations, the local media and other agencies.
Objective 5: To encourage regular presentations of newly produced cultural programs which create interaction with the audience.
Objective 6: To promote public celebration of cultural diversity through free festivals and public events.
Objective 7: To provide official recognition of achievement and excellence in cultural endeavors.

*For a copy of the Sunshine State Standards contact the City of Gainesville Division of Cultural Affairs at 334-5064.

Goal 3 (Arts Image) -- Encourage public and private display of art.

Objective 1: To maximize visibility of artists in forums which permit the community to become familiar with the creative process and identify the artist as part of the community.
Objective 2: To have an impact on aesthetic appeal of local structures through inclusion of artistic concerns in the architectural review process and public art projects.
Objective 3: To establish a public forum for recognizing and honoring the contributions and accomplishments of regional artists.

Goal 4 (Artist Development) -- Artistic training and preparation is available through local resources across all creative and interpretive art forms and at all levels from beginners through professionals.

Objective 1: To support arts and cultural education in the schools.
Objective 2: To provide access to training opportunities for those without financial means.
Objective 3: To provide prominent venues for the display and presentation of locally produced art.
Objective 4: To support programs which stimulate and assist arts and culture.
Objective 5: To encourage the concept of magnet "community schools" for the arts.
Objective 6: To encourage education and arts and cultural institutions to adopt missions which include contributing to the artistic development of local artists.

Goal 5 (Marketing the Arts and Cultural Resources) -- The arts and cultural community effectively markets to any given target audience.

Objective 1: To accumulate and evaluate information on the cultural resources of Alachua County.
Objective 2: To provide marketing expertise and services to local arts and cultural organizations and individual artists with emphasis on "grass roots" market development and cost-effective media publicity.
Objective 3: To encourage cooperative efforts among arts, cultural, social, sports, civic, educational, and fraternal organizations.

Goal 6 (Cultural Tourism) -- A coordinated, county-wide effort to promote cultural tourism, ecotourism, and historical tourism in Alachua County.

Objective 1: To revise the cultural tourism plan every 3-5 years by identifying:
· the types of cultural events, activities, ecological resources, museums, parks, and historical   facilities which are most likely to be effective in attracting tourism to Alachua County;
· the most effective means for promoting those events and activities; and
· a long-term plan for the development of local cultural resources which support the appeal of the area   as a tourism destination.
Objective 2: To maintain public funding for cultural tourism development based upon the cultural tourism plan.

Goal 7 (Funding) -- Maximum funding of local cultural organizations.

Objective 1: Local Arts Agency to continue serving as a resource center for grant applicants, providing reference materials, and sponsoring grantwriting guidance for organizations and individuals.
Objective 2: To educate small and mid-sized cultural organizations regarding effective means of soliciting corporate sponsorship and individual patronage.
Objective 3: To educate the business community regarding the benefits of supporting the cultural resources.
Objective 4: To support the services provided to local cultural organizations by the Local Arts Agency.
Objective 5: To identify funding for cultural programs for youth, elderly and other disadvantaged groups.

Goal 8 (Facilities) -- An expanded range of community facilities for presentation of cultural activities, meeting the needs of the local cultural community and providing comfortable access for all members of the community.

Objective 1: To maintain an inventory of current cultural facilities.
Objective 2: To identify opportunities to utilize existing facilities or create new facilities to meet needs.
Objective 3: To work with appropriate planners and officials to take advantage of facility opportunities.

Goal 9 (Local Arts Agency Development) -- An enlarged role of the Local Arts Agency that meets the needs for services, coordination, leadership, and resource identification specified in this Plan. Increased visibility of the Local Arts Agency and recognition of its role in the cultural community.

Objective 1: To enlist support from county and city elected officials, business leaders, and community leaders for a broad-based commitment to financially support local culture.
Objective 2: To expand the role of the Local Arts Agency, as funding sources are identified, and adopting responsibilities which include:
· enhanced services and development programs for small cultural organizations, with specific effort   focused on the needs of ethnic cultural organizations and artists;
· marketing and developing programs that address goals of this Plan;
· enhanced cultural education opportunities beyond the school curriculum;
· cultural tourism development; and
· education and advocacy of culture to businesses and government agencies for increased support for   local cultural organizations.
Objective 3: To increase efforts and effectiveness of communication between the Local Arts Agency and the cultural community.
Objective 4: To encourage the elected officials of Alachua County and each city government within Alachua County to utilize the Local Arts Agency as an advisor and agent on all cultural issues.


The 2004 Cultural Plan for Alachua County was updated to include the eco-heritage goals of our community and aligned with the City's Comprehensive Plan.

The Cultural Plan was first drafted from 1991 - 1993 in a process that involved various aspects of the community. It was revised in 1998 with feedback from individuals and organizations about the progress toward meeting the goals.

The purpose of this review was to update the plan to incorporate goals of the City's Comprehensive Plan and include the eco-heritage goals.

In order to make the Cultural Plan work, it is necessary for every community in Alachua County to work in harmony with our cultural industry, to draw attention to the development of culture in our area. Alachua County has a vital and growing cultural industry which needs and deserves the support of the City and County Commissions and local businesses.

The Gainesville/Alachua County Cultural Affairs Board invites all members of the community to join in the challenge of making Alachua County an environment which enhances the cultural and economic life of the community.


The Division of Cultural Affairs is a member of the National Association of Local Arts Agencies, Florida Association of Local Arts Agencies,
International Festival Association/Florida Festival and Events Association and the Florida Tourism Association.



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