This plan was formulated under the direction of the Division of Cultural Affairs with the gracious
assistance of the following community leaders:

Alachua County Visitors' and Convention Center
Alachua Hospitality Council
Arts Association of Alachua County
Gainesville / Alachua County Cultural Affairs Board
Gainesville Association for the Creative Arts
Gainesville Chamber Orchestra
Hippodrome State Theatre
Matheson Historical Society
Micanopy Historical Society
Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park
Santa Fe Community College Teaching Zoo
Springhill Neighborhood Association


Gainesville / Alachua County will be a community which is recognized locally, regionally, nationally and internationally as a unique cultural mecca with diverse offerings that encompass eco-heritage, ethnic, media and folk arts as well as the "fine" arts.

GOAL I: Resources, programs and facilities involved in cultural tourism shall be supported, maintained and developed.

Obj 1: Enlist community leadership support for maintenance and development

action: Develop an ongoing volunteer Cultural Tourism Task Force to advise the Gainesville / Alachua Cultural Affairs Board and help implement the Cultural Tourism Plan
action: Identify professional consultants to work with cultural attractions - list their websites & other contact information
action: Hold workshops with professionals to allow for networking

Obj. 2: Identify and survey physical resources

action: Collect background information on attractions including schedules
action: Determine current status for attracting tourism, including access, seating information, atmosphere, etc.
action: Assess and prioritize strengths and needs among various attractions
action: Update information annually
action: Develop a tourist map
action: Develop tourist information signage

GOAL II: Visits to local cultural attractions shall be increased and lengths of stay in Alachua County, specifically in hotels, motels, RV parks, fish camps and bed and breakfast inns, shall be extended.

Obj 1: Assist attractions in becoming visitor-ready

action: Print a manual outlining standards for tourism readiness
action: Offer technical assistance and workshops yearly
action: Offer one-on-one consultations
action: Develop a list of media resources outside the County with rates and contact numbers

Obj 2: Coordinate efforts among the hospitality industry, cultural attractions, cultural organizations, and tourism groups to maximize their efforts

action: Share marketing opportunities
action: Jointly attend educational and trade meetings
action: Develop a system of distributing promotional materials
action: Encourage informational and educational exchange between hospitality and cultural organizations and meeting planners
action: Develop default tourism channel for hotels

Obj 3: Develop and implement a promotional plan

action: Identify potential cultural tourists and travelers through studies and surveys
action: Identify regional feeder cities that present frequent travel histories to Alachua County
action: Develop benchmarks to evaluate the Plan
action: Expand the use of established themes and logos and encourage County-wide usage

Obj 4: Obtain broadest possible participation in cultural tourism

action: Develop website links
action: Enlist assistance of local business, media, sports, government, civic groups and individuals
action: Develop a list of civic and social organizations who need speakers and programs

Obj 5: Disseminate informational brochures and collateral materials

action: Disseminate information to cultural resources, attractions and hospitality and tourism agencies through regular workshops and meetings
action: Educate Alachua County residents as to quality and availability of attractions and events through news articles, literature advertising, web sites and electronic media

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